Parents are essential in motivating and advocating for their kids to be active. By following these ideas, parents can help raise happier, healthier children.



  • Bring a Project Play conversation to your community. See welcome page for five ways to do that.

  • Be active. Research shows that the most active kids have the most active parents. The more sports you try, the more they will try.

  • Ask your children about their goals and preferences in sports, then design their activities accordingly. Redefine success on their terms. At the same time, know the odds against your child playing at the college or pro level, and commit to making athletes for life.

  • Advocate for children other than your own. Join a local sport board and promote inclusive policies such as delaying the start of travel teams, adding fee waivers for low-income families, and committing to equal playing time through age 12.

  • Create safe spaces for kids to play through group play dates. Each parent takes turns, providing supervision for one hour at a park or a street.

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