It’s good business to invest in kids. Local businesses and corporations can benefit from these ideas for how they can help get kids active and healthy.

Business & Industry


  • Local Business: Support the occasional closing of downtown streets for cycling, 3-on-3 basketball festivals, and other community sports and physical activities. Build athletic facilities near schools, offer free use in the 3-5 p.m. slot in exchange for city tax abatements.

  • Business: Recognize that surveys of 6- to 12-year-olds say many want to swim, bike, hike, and run more; help connect urban kids with outdoor activities. Incent employees to volunteer, supervise.

  • Business: Identify struggling leagues and teams to support by using crowdfunding tools on the Internet that make it easy. Don’t wait for local programs to find you.

  • Corporations: Incent youth sport providers to mandate best-in-class coach training courses by offering steep discounts on equipment—or whatever you sell. Cover the cost of background checks by offering goods in online barter pools.

  • Insurance: Create incentives for families to engage in health-promoting sport activity.

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