Project Play’s reference material includes research reports produced by the Sports & Society Program and its partner, University of Florida’s Sport Policy & Research Collaborative.



The following are Project Play event summaries and research reports produced by the Sports & Society Program or its research partner, the University of Florida’s Sport Policy & Research Collaborative (SPARC). Each aggregates key insights on topics tied to our roundtables. They can be found at


Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program:

  • Aligning for Impact: Delivering Early Positive Experiences at Scale. 2014.
  • Childhood Obesity Rates. April 2013. 
  • Designing for Universal Access: How to Reach All Kids? 2014.
  • Digital to Physical Play: Can Tech Make it Happen? 2014.
  • Early Positive Experiences: What is Age-Appropriate? 2013.
  • espnW/Aspen Institute Project Play Survey of Parents on youth sports issues. 2014.
  • Fields of Dreams: Innovate and They Will Come? 2014. 
  • Kid-Focused, Coach-Driven: What Training is Needed? 2013.
  • Off the Bench: How to Get Health Pros into the Game of Youth Sports? 2014.
  • Project Play Summit 2013: Highlights and Observations. 2013.
  • Three Scenarios for 2030. 2013.

University of Florida’s Sport Policy & Research Collaborative:

  • Beatty, Garrett and Fawver, Bradley. What is the Status of Youth Coach Training in the U.S.? 2013. 
  • Fawver, Bradley and Spengler, John O. Funding for Youth Sport: Learning from the Past and Aligning for the Future. 2014.
  • Sagas, Michael. What Does the Science Say about Athletic Development in Children? 2013.
  • Sagas, Michael and Cunningham, George. Sport Participation Rates among Underserved American Youth. 2014.
  • Spengler, John O. Getting and Keeping Kids in the Game: A Summary of Key Recommendations by Medical and Health Groups. 2014.
  • Spengler, John O. Places to Play: A Summary of Key Characteristics of the Built Environment that Support ‘Sport for All, Play for Life’ Communities. 2014.

Other supporting materials:

  • Time to Act: Investing in the Health of Our Children and Communities. Princeton, NJ: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America, 2008.
  • Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Action Agenda. American College of Sports Medicine, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, & Nike, Inc., 2012.
  • Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program white paper on physical literacy (forthcoming)